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The best car for 30 thousand riyals is an agency


A car for 30 thousand riyals is an agency, the cheapest agency car in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is famous for its small size that is suitable for walking on all roads, so the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is characterized by such cheap and practical cars with most citizens, the Saudi citizen can find the cheapest agency car in Saudi Arabia much more than that You can buy it at discounted prices, we will check it with you from 50 thousand Saudi riyals. You can follow a car article for 30 thousand riyals, an agency via:

A car for 30 thousand riyals is an agency

A car for 30 thousand riyals, the agency of Saudi citizens’ tastes, controls the degree of need for different cars, regardless of whether the prices are high or low, so there is a large group of people who prefer cars with high specifications and features that suit them, and do not care. The prices of these types of cars and others are looking for the cheapest agency car that suits them in Saudi Arabia. They prefer it to have new and good capabilities and features with the money they have, and this is what it offers us. The cheapest car agency in Saudi Arabia, its features and prices.

Best and cheap small car

A car for 30 thousand riyals, a Geely LC Panda 2015 agency. This type is the cheapest Chinese car in Saudi Arabia. This type includes a model with a manual transmission, its price is about 20 thousand Saudi riyals, and the latest model with an automatic transmission costs only about 30 thousand citizens. Buying this car, if he buys a 2016 model, will pay an increase of about a thousand riyals in the price.

This category of Geely cars is considered one of the economic categories that America has classified in recent years, making it accessible to anyone traveling anywhere on any road, in small sizes, and characterized by its high efficiency. Thanks to the 1.3-liter gasoline engine, which produces a large power of 86 hp and a torque of 110 Nm, its consumption reaches 6.3 liters per 100 km, which provides significant savings in gasoline consumption.

A car for 30 thousand riyals, the agency Mitsubishi Attrage 2020, the famous Japanese car category is among the cheapest agencies cars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it has a high-quality sedan chassis and is equipped with a high-end gasoline engine with a capacity of about 1.2 liters. It produces 78 horsepower, is equipped with an automatic transmission, and consumes about 6.4 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers, but its price is very low, because its price is about 31 thousand Saudi riyals.

cheap cars

A car for 30 thousand riyals, an agency MG ZS 2020, model This car is considered one of the most famous sports cars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia thanks to its small size, and it is suitable for most people who buy a multi-purpose sports car in the Kingdom, and this category includes front wheel drive 112. In addition to air conditioning systems Manual air and a variety of environments.About 1.5 liter petrol engine allowing it to produce one horsepower and the high safety capability it is famous for. The price of this car ranges from 49,300 riyals to 59,750 riyals.

A car for 30 thousand riyals Hyundai Accent 2020 agency Many features, such as different types of safety systems and cruise control, made this car one of the best to use, with prices not reaching 48,600 SAR.

Toyota Yaris 2020 This category of Japanese Toyota cars is globally recognized as one of the low-priced sedans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the price of which reaches about 48 thousand Saudi riyals, and this is in addition to many other features that characterize it, such as his. Significant savings in consumption in gasoline ratios, and this makes it the cheapest agency car in Saudi Arabia among Toyota cars, along with its high recreational capabilities and outstanding manual air conditioning.

The cheapest Chinese car in Saudi Arabia

In addition to the many types of cheap cars that we offer you in Saudi Arabia, there are also many types of used and affordable cars in the Kingdom. A car for 30 thousand riyals , the
Nissan Altima 2017 agency: its price in Saudi Arabia is about 1600 Saudi riyals only.
Hyundai Elantra 2016: Used and in good condition, about 960 SAR.
Ford Fusion 2016: the car price is about 1520 Saudi riyals.

Toyota Corolla 2016: its price is about one thousand and 200 Saudi riyals.
Geely GC2 2021: the price was about 31 thousand Saudi riyals.
Suzuki Celerio 2021: its price reached about 32,500 Saudi riyals.
Audi A 2021: the price of this car in the Kingdom is about 34,500 Saudi riyals.
2021 MG 360: the price in Saudi Arabia is about 33 thousand Saudi riyals. Read also: The reason for the appearance of white smoke from the smoke

cheap car agency

There is also a range of cheap prices, given the proliferation of high-end cars in Saudi Arabia, the demand for their high capabilities and the number of people who can buy them. Distinctive cars suitable for people with certain conditions, including these cars. One of the most famous of these cheap cars is Mitsubishi Attrage, a Japanese-origin car that has high-quality features and is more important than the chassis surrounding the sedan type, which is the presence of automatic movements.

Hyundai Accent is one of the very distinctive cars equipped with a large touch screen to control the speed with all safety and protection tools for passengers, including the traction system and cruise control, and its price has reached 49 thousand Saudi riyals. Toyota Yaris is an original and nani car, characterized by its efficiency, the presence of a distinctive air conditioner and a USB port, it also includes a cruise control and an external sedan tire, the price of which reached 48 thousand Saudi riyals.

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