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Ways to establish a company in Dubai for foreigners 2022


The ways to establish a company in Dubai for foreigners 2022 are very easy and simple for any investor who is not a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, whether he is from an Arab country or not.

Establishing a company in Dubai online

As we mentioned earlier, the federal government provided the service of establishing a company online in Dubai and the whole of the United Arab Emirates, and this service is “Basher”

The Basher service allows any investor to license his economic activities in less than fifteen minutes from his place via a computer connected to the Internet, easily and conveniently, without going to any government agency.

In Dubai, the “Dubai Economy”, which can be accessed through the official website from here , was launched in partnership with the organization (Dubai Virtual Trade Zone Program), which can be accessed from here, and from these programs any merchant or investor in the world can obtain a virtual trade license in Dubai without the requirement to travel and reside in Dubai.

Also in Abu Dhabi, a similar online service was launched called the (Instant License) – which can be accessed from here – and this service is provided through the Abu Dhabi Business Center – its official website from here – and all these sites have been shortened so that the license can be extracted easily.

Any investor can apply for the instant trade license in Abu Dhabi from here at the Department of Economic Development.

Establishing a company through the Bashr service

We also mentioned that one of the ways to establish a company in Dubai for foreigners in 2021 is to establish the company through the “Basher” service. This name is an abbreviation of the phrase “Begin your business,” which is a group of interconnected and integrated electronic services that enable the investor to establish his business within the United Arab Emirates via the Internet from a distance.

It is an integrated platform with all government departments in the country. It is fast, secure and reliable and does not require the investor to move.


Also, there are no fees that the investor pays for using the “Basher” service itself, only the fees imposed by government departments on the license, which vary according to the emirate.

Ways to establish a company in Dubai for foreigners 2022

The methods of establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners 2021 are divided into two ways, the first is via the Internet, according to the sites launched by the Union government to facilitate the way for investors, and the second method is the usual, through a series of organized steps.

Payment methods in the Bashr service

In establishing businesses and obtaining licenses through the “Basher” service, payment is made by:

any credit card.
Basher Initiative Services
The Bashr service provides several services to investors, such as:

Obtaining a membership number for the Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates.
Issuance of a trade license.
Issuance of work permits.
Renewing the commercial license, whether it is obtained online or by traditional methods, for more than one thousand two hundred economic activities.
Obtaining a commercial pedestrian number from the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Issuance of commercial establishments cards from the Emirates Identity and Citizenship Authority.
Services included in the Bashr service
In addition to the main services of the Bashr service that were mentioned, there are also support platforms for the Bashr service, such as:

Access and familiarize yourself with the smart legislation system in the UAE (you can access it from here )
Successful business models in the United Arab Emirates and their foundations, and can be accessed from here .
Issuance of documents from Bashr
After applying through the “Basher” platform and paying the fees in the ways we described, all documents will also be extracted electronically without the need to go to government departments to receive them. The investor can start his business at the same moment, as the whole thing does not take more than a quarter of an hour

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How to register on the Basher platform
An investor applying through the Basher platform must have:

An effective UAE identity.
An active account in the national identity of the United Arab Emirates.
The digital signature in the national identity of the UAE must be effective.
In order to obtain the work permit quickly, the investor must ensure that some information is prepared about his company (especially limited liability companies), such as:

General information about the company, its field of work and the year of its establishment.
Information about the partners in the company and their nationalities.
The national identity number and address of each partner in the company.
The economic name of the company.
Documents required for registration in Bashr
At the stage of applying to the Basher service, the investor is not required to have any documents completely, but after the issuance of the license and the required permits and the documents that the investor has submitted, he is given a deadline to provide the documents, and this period varies according to the document as follows:

A full year period from the date of obtaining the documents to provide a lease contract to be submitted to the Department of Economic Development in the emirate in which the commercial activity was established.
A period of 60 days from the date of registration and issuance of documents for the non-national partner to change his residence to the residence of an investor.

A period of two full months from the date of extracting the documents for the non-national partner in the case of a housewife or government sector employee to submit a copy of a valid NOC to the concerned authority (the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship in the United Arab Emirates)
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Establishing a company in Dubai the traditional way

One of the ways to establish a company in Dubai for foreigners 2021 is also the usual method through manual submission in government departments, but this method has also been very greatly facilitated through several fixed steps and includes a large number of options that combine all forms of business.

This series of steps to establish a company is not limited to Dubai, but includes the whole of the United Arab Emirates. The system is stable, making it easy for the investor, and flexible and loose, accommodating all commercial activities up to 2000 economic activities. These steps are:

The first step is to determine the nature of the economic activity

The first step in the ways to establish a company in Dubai for foreigners 2021 that the investor must take is to determine the legal entity of the company, which entails the type of license; There are six types of licenses in the United Arab Emirates:

Industrial license (for establishing factories and industrial entities, whether basic or supplementary)
Trade license (establishment of large and small stores or online)
Craft license (to establish workshops and any craft services to serve citizens)
Tourist license (for the establishment of restaurants, hotels and any economic activity that provides services to tourism in general)
Agricultural license (for establishing farms in general, whether for direct or complementary agricultural investment, or animal and poultry investment…)
Professional license (for various individual service professions)
A single investment activity may also include more than one license area; As we said, there are more than 2,000 different economic activities that an investor can choose from.

The second step: Determine the legal form of the company
After determining the economic activity of the company and its general nature, the legal field of the company that is entirely dependent on the requirements of the work itself must be determined, and accordingly, the legal framework that the company must comply with and the implementing regulations for those laws are determined.

There are also many forms of business, so there are many legal forms of business, and in the United Arab Emirates, the legal forms of business are:

Simple recommendation companies.
Public shareholding companies.
Commercial representation offices.
A branch of a local company.
A branch of a foreign company.
A branch of a company in the free zone.
holding company.
Solidarity Company.
A limited liability company
A private joint stock company.
Civil works company.
A branch of a Gulf company.
A branch of a foreign company.
Individual Foundation.
However, it must be taken into account that the legal form of the company matches its economic activity, and the investor must be aware of the requirements of the activity he wants to establish in terms of legal and economic form, and this can be done by referring to the website of the Department of Economic Development in the emirate in which he wants to establish his activity.

He can also learn about the conditions for his commercial activity through:

If his activity is in Abu Dhabi, he should go to the commercial licenses directory from here
In Dubai, the dealer license brochure can be found here
In Sharjah, the official is (Sharjah Investment and Development Authority), and the required procedures can be found here
In the Emirate of Ajman, economic licenses are issued by the Department of Economic Development in Ajman from here
In the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, licenses can be issued from the Department of Economic Development from here
As for the Emirate of Fujairah, the government of Fujairah has allocated a service (establishing companies in the Emirate of Fujairah) from here .
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Third Step: Register and reserve the trade name
The trade name is the name of the company or institution that distinguishes it from others and also distinguishes the license and does not cause any confusion and suspicion, and the trade name is related to the license and its type and indicates the type of activity. It is also possible to apply via the smart application or through the websites that we mentioned earlier.

Conditions for choosing a trade name

There are a few conditions set by the government for choosing a trade name to be approved, such as:

That the company’s trade name be followed by a legal abbreviation (the legal form of the company’s abbreviation), which is letters interrupted by dots such as: (M.N.S)
The trade name does not contain any inappropriate pronunciation
The trade name shall not violate the public taste of the citizens in the State of Saudi Arabia.
The trade name does not contain the word “majesty” (maintenance of it) or any names of God Almighty
The name chosen as a trade name must not contain the names of government agencies or any logos of external or internal parties or private groups.
The trade name must be not registered to anyone by (property rights), whether its owner is an entity, company or individuals.
That the trade name is compatible with the business activity and does not cause confusion for the listener and may be exposed to fraud.

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