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Bathroom Design and Renovation Tips – Tips for Affordable Bathroom Installation Jobs



Bathroom Design and Installation Tips

During this time the company was a member of the Federation of Master Builders organization.

We are often asked to provide affordable quality, durable, and attractively finished bathrooms for “buy-in” clients, young families, and first-home buyers on a limited budget.

Tips for Affordable Bathroom Design and Renovation Projects

1) Don’t be too greedy with your bathroom design:- Your new tub/shower/toilet/washbasin should be positioned almost exactly where the old unit was. – Remember that professional labor costs at least 70% of the economy. Refitting urinal bathrooms and constructing new drains and water pipes is time-consuming and requires additional material costs.

2) Before spending any money on tile and fittings, hire a fitting team that specializes in all trades. – Flooding your downstairs neighbors with bad DIYs or cash on hand and “night flying” cowboys won’t save you. :- Carefully selected and vetted professional apparel, in the event of an unlikely but potentially costly accident, company insurance (check before hiring) will cover the associated costs. Design and required material/fitting selection process

3) Negotiating a fixed price with the contractor:- On a labor cost basis, currently plumbing, builders work, carpentry, plastering, tiling, all work as required, decoration and necessities for approximately 1600-2300 per standard bathroom. Electrical work:- Make sure the contract is in writing and signed and agreed to by both parties. No flashy or legally written contracts are required. – An exchange of handwritten letters or emails expressed clearly and concisely constitutes a binding contract in small claims court if necessary. Although legal process is very unlikely to be the outcome of any project if you choose your contractor carefully, a properly constructed contract is necessary and wise insurance for any business transaction.

4) Take a tour of your own sanitary equipment. – There are some fantastic deals out there. Tub, sink/base/toilet and faucet included) all under £200 (usually £600+ regular price):- If you see a “name brand” shower in a big store, don’t buy it, check the comparison. Online trading for better deals.

5) If you have a “combi” boiler in your home, you will find that a thermostatic valve shower or “power shower” as it is sometimes known is probably the cheapest and certainly the best (performance-wise) option. Talk to your contractor which type to get:- These showers may have exposed or hidden valves depending on the type of wall:- When choosing an electric shower, the newer, more powerful showers available today (maximum ratings and over 11KW) are Requires a larger cable and main circuit breaker installed by a qualified electrician. – Save hundreds of pounds in rewiring costs by using a shower rated similar to your existing shower.

6) By far the most commonly used tile is ceramic (as opposed to porcelain, slate or natural stone) and is usually the cheapest because it does not require special adhesives, cutting or drilling. Some natural stone products also require periodic sealing to maintain their condition. It is important to consult with your contractor before purchasing tile or adhesive. The size of the tiles can be a potential issue. – Large tiles usually don’t work well in small areas and the size of tiles is always a major problem with less-than-perfect walls and floors (tiles bend):- Small tiles can often cope with less-than-perfect surfaces, but large tiles It’s not:- A good tiler always does his best, but remember that absolutely 100% perfect tiling can only be achieved by a robot under laboratory conditions.

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